There's a baby in the house! Newborn care

There's a baby in the house! Newborn care

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Your baby is now grown up and has come to crawling and even walking. Now you have to be more careful. Be sure to take a few precautions at home for your baby's safety.

There may be items in your home that do not appear to be a danger to you, but that may pose a danger to your baby. First of all, re-visit your home or even kneel on your knees if possible, try to look at your home through the eyes of your baby. For example, a few socks, ropes or strings that have fallen to the ground can be dangerous to your baby.

Check your baby's pacifiers and bottles from time to time. If it is worn and ruptures, your baby may swallow it. Also, do not keep small pieces and granular food within the reach of your baby. He tends to take everything in his mouth in this period. Therefore, you must be careful.

Do not throw your baby in the air or shake. Such games can entertain your baby but can be dangerous. Particularly in low-ceiling houses, you need to be more careful.

Never leave toys or pacifiers that can be wrapped around your neck in your baby's bed. Rope items can wrap around his neck or toys can cause him to become out of breath.

Do not leave your baby in the kitchen while the hob is on. If he can reach the stove, he can reach out and touch it. It can tip over the burners. He may suffer severe burns. You should be careful to avoid such a situation.

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