Gender prediction beliefs

Gender prediction beliefs

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The metaphors and affinities that the pregnant woman will give birth to a boy or a girl include changes in the body of the pregnant woman, especially the mold analogies of the abdominal area. The varieties each other in the general yakıştırmalartürki of this type are completed, but basically the same opinion and review contains many örnekdenoluşmaktadır.örneg's pregnant belly is round it's a girl, belief that boy raises regardless belly sharp one of the most yaygıninanç. As a result of the mysterious connection that the woman believed to be established between the baby she would look at, eat, drink and do during her pregnancy, team beliefs emerged. Especially when the baby first wiggles in the womb is very important. In the meantime, it is very common to believe that the mother will look after her baby. Thus, it is believed that the mother has a mediating role in gaining the characteristics of the baby during pregnancy, such as the beautiful, ugly, formal and benign, stubborn personality. The same belief is also associated with what the pregnant mother eats. The popular belief that affects women during craving is related to what she eats and drinks. The food that is believed to determine the gender of the child to be born is divided into two groups as sour and sweet. The fact that the male child is matched with sweet foods reveals the importance given to the male child in the society as emphasized in his promise of “eat sweet horse ur. On the other hand, a common belief that contradicts this belief is that the pregnant woman eats what she wants without making a sour sweet distinction. This is the belief that a woman who cannot eat or suffer from this period will suffer the harm to her child.

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