The basis of mother-child relationship

The basis of mother-child relationship

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The mother of a child is the first person in life to take a role model. Whether positive or negative, the mother has an indisputable influence on the child. Neurologist Dr. Reem Neuropsychiatry Center. Mehmet Yavuz shares his views on the subject.The child first takes the role model of the mother in interpreting life
In the eyes of the child, the mother is a port that she can trust in the face of fears and difficulties she encounters. Childhood is an important process for the development and shaping of personality. The basis of a healthy mother-child relationship depends on the mother's mental health and behavior towards the child. The mother-baby relationship, which started in the pregnancy process, develops through physical contact and nutrition after birth and becomes a lifelong communication. love and trust. When the child is an adult individual, he directs his relationships through these two basic emotions.Trying to be the perfect mother can damage the mother-child relationshipYou may think that you are working hard and you cannot give your child enough time. This idea usually affects the psychology of women negatively. The mother who feels that she cannot afford her child feels guilt. However, being a perfect mother does not separate our physical and mental energy for the whole day. The mother has to invest emotionally in the time she spends with her child. For a healthy child development, content is more important than the time spent with the child. For example, eating dinner together and doing the evaluation of the day spent doing so. It will be satisfying for both parties to spend half an hour after the meal, as if there is no one else in the world, to give all the attention and attention to the child and to spend half an hour focused on his needs and desires. Shared quality time will strengthen the mother's communication with the child. The biggest harm to the child is to neglect it. Because neglect causes a lack of self-confidence in the child.Healthy Relationship Increases Self-Confidence The time from the birth of the baby to the age of one is very important. During this period, the mother's need to meet the needs of the baby without delay to show compassion and love of the baby's strong feelings of love and confidence provides. Physical contact is very important in the mother-child relationship. The mother's scent, body temperature, voice and gaze strengthen the bond between the child and her. Growing up without these emotions, the growing child may encounter various mental problems when he becomes an adult.Mother-Child Relationship ConsiderationsFrom the moment of birth, the child is bound to the mother and discovers to be “individual itibaren from the age of 4-5 years. In this age range, which is painful for both the mother and the child, it is necessary for mothers to ensure that the relationship is healthy. Yavuz as follows;Listen and do not leave unanswered; As soon as you open your eyes to the world, listen patiently to what your child trusts you and never leave your questions unanswered.Clarify the limit of respect; Knocking on the door as you enter your child's room gives you the right to speak in the same way. By paying attention to such small details, you can develop the concept of respect for your child's privacy.Be a soft but determined mother; If your child has a nervous breakdown when you say "no", explain to him calmly, softly but decisively.Attention to communication with the father! ; Yes, you carried it on your stomach for nine months and you took care of it from birth. But remember that the concept of "father" is a very important point in your child's development and it is your duty to create time and ground for the father-child relationship. Example: Mehmet Yavuz

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