What are the benefits of Pilates to labor?

What are the benefits of Pilates to labor?

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The benefits of exercise in pregnancy have long been recognized. Recently, pilates also gradually spread. Pilates is aimed at facilitating and promoting normal birth. Pregnant women are not recommended to do pilates without the permission of their doctor and without knowledge of the status of pregnancy. The Benefits of Pilates in Pregnant Women and Lohus with Musculoskeletal Problems Problem Pregnant women with discomfort such as spinal curvature, hernia, muscle problems, congenital hip dislocation may experience complaints in their bodies during and after pregnancy. When Pilates exercises are performed regularly, it causes serious changes in the skeletal and muscular system. Helps mothers to reduce pain. Pilates, Pregnancy and Birth Benefits Yar - Strengthens the abdominal muscles of pregnant women and increases balance-concentration control. In this way, the mother can concentrate better on normal birth and helps the birth of the baby. - Increased endorphin hormone in the body, provides physical and psychological relief, makes the pregnant woman feel strong. edema and swelling decreases.Mom during the birth necessary breathing and relaxation can make it more beautiful. - Accelerates the normalization of the body and abdomen after birth.- Urinary incontinence problems that occur during pregnancy and then disappear. helps the mother to be less affected by the emotional fluctuations experienced during pregnancy. - The mother falls asleep more quickly thanks to her exercise and spends her day in a fit and motivated way. Amin strengthens the chest muscles weakened by the effect of hormones. Studies have shown that the life functions of the babies of mothers who exercise during pregnancy work better than those who do not exercise.

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