How can I help my 24-month-old speak more clearly?

How can I help my 24-month-old speak more clearly?

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Two-year-olds differ widely both in how much they talk and how easy their speech is to understand. But on average, you should be able to understand about half of what your toddler says. It sounds like your son is right on track with normal speech development, so I wouldn't be as concerned with encouraging clear speech as I would with encouraging general speech development. Articulation will come naturally as his language skills mature.

When you truly can't understand what your toddler's saying to you, try to figure it out without causing him too much stress. Don't make a point of saying "I can't understand you." This will only make him feel frustrated. If he's asking you for something, take a guess — "Do you want your truck?" If you still can't decipher his code, ask him to point to the desired object. Try not to put pressure on him or let him know you're frustrated.

To encourage him to speak clearly, enunciate words carefully when you talk or speak to him. When he points to objects, name them and have him repeat what you say. Or point out objects, ask him what they are, and name them for him after a brief pause. It's very common for 2-year-olds to mispronounce words, substituting one sound or syllable for another (saying "waining" instead of "raining") or dropping end consonants (saying "ca" for "cat"). But if your child is still mostly unintelligible by the time he's 3, he may need speech therapy or have a hearing problem. At that point, consult his doctor, who can make the best evaluation.

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