Your 7-year-old: Handling sick days

Your 7-year-old: Handling sick days

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Your 7-year-old now

Being sick is no fun, and neither is having a sick child. Some ways to make it better:

  • Be honest about whether a shot will hurt or medicine will taste "kind of icky." Explain the reason for the medicine. Distract your child by involving her in making a decision about it: Do you want to sit on my lap or in the chair when you get the shot? Would you rather have the medicine in a spoon or a cup?
  • Model confidence and calm. If you show that you're worried, it'll just alarm your child.
  • Don't push foods. Sick kids often lose their appetite. Your child won't starve if she barely eats for a few days. When she's feeling better her appetite will return. Do encourage her to drink some fluids.
  • Make it pleasant. Set up a nest for your child on the sofa to provide a change of scenery during the day. Let her watch more TV than usual; even though she can read now, she may not feel like it. Or buy a special quiet toy or activity book to pass the time.

Your life now

If your child doesn't already have her own library card, take her to get one. Kids love the sense of ownership and belonging that come with having a card. Use it regularly by visiting the library every week or two.

Let your child wander through the children's section on her own looking for books. She may be more likely to read things she's chosen all by herself. Of course, do make suggestions occasionally, too, to expand her horizons.

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