Supplies for a spa day at home

Supplies for a spa day at home

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When you're wrangling a toddler, losing sleep to a newborn, or busy with your pregnancy to-do list, you probably aren't thinking about how you could make time to just … relax. But that may be exactly what you need! Our six essential pampering products bring the soothing spa experience straight to you. From a comfy terrycloth robe to a foot-soaking tub, get ready to recharge and rejuvenate anytime you want, without leaving the house.

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  • Lavender bath salts and bubble bath

    Dr Teal's Epsom Salt Soaking Solution and Foaming Bath with Lavender

    A nice, long soak in a hot tub can melt away tension you didn't even know you had. And if you've got minor aches and pains, you can soothe those at the same time by adding in some Epsom salts, which help to relieve sore muscles. The salts are also believed to reduce swelling and revitalize skin. And this salt-and-bubble-bath combo from Dr Teal's is scented with lavender essential oil, which can promote a good night's sleep.

    Available at Amazon starting at 15.99

  • Vibrating foot spa

    Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa

    Ahh. Just the thought of soaking your feet in this compact footbath from the comfort of your favorite chair can be soothing. Simply add water at whatever temperature you like, then use the toe-touch buttons to activate waterfall, bubble, and light features. The bottom of the tub has a rolling foot massager, so you can tease out any tightness in your soles. And this model also comes with three attachments: scrub brush, pumice stone, and soft-touch massager.

    Available at Amazon starting at $45.16

  • Cozy terrycloth bath robe

    Superior Luxurious 100-percent Combed Cotton Terry Bath Robe

    Sometimes just looking the part is enough to send the message to your body – and to anyone else you live with – that it's "me time." So get ready to relax as you wrap yourself in this comfy unisex robe made from combed long-staple cotton. Its heavy weight and ankle length keep you warm and cozy. It also features two front pockets. Plus, you can choose from 10 different colors and four sizes. Cucumber water not included.

    Available at Overstock starting at $40.49

  • Rose quartz facial roller

    Herbivore Rose Quartz Facial Roller

    Dull, tired-looking skin? Tension wrinkles? Puffy face? Enter the facial roller: This simple device stimulates lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness. Gently rolling the stone across your skin is both relaxing and de-stressing, and is said to minimize wrinkles and bring vibrancy to skin with repeated use. This model is made with real rose quartz, which corresponds to the heart chakra, the energy center of love. But you can also choose jade or amethyst.

    Available at Sephora starting at $40.00

  • Purifying charcoal face mask

    Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

    Origins is known for its green, eco-conscious practices, along with high-quality, naturally derived skincare products that are 100 percent vegetarian. This mask is no exception. The bamboo charcoal removes excess oil, the clay absorbs toxins, and the lecithin dissolves impurities – all of which leave you with visibly reduced pores and deep-cleaned, healthier-looking skin.

    Available at Sephora starting at $13.00

  • Manicure set

    The Tool Box

    Caring for your hands and feet is a worthwhile form of self-care, particularly when you get to show off your newly painted, shiny nails. First, though, get your toes and fingers primed with this 7-piece starter kit, which includes everything you need to get your nails ready for polish. And for an additional price, you can also customize your kit by choosing from more than 30 polish colors free of harsh chemicals.

    Available at Olive & June starting at $42.00

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