Terrific toddler gifts under $50

Terrific toddler gifts under $50

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  • Custom letter blocks

    Uncle Goose is known for its beautiful, made-in-the-USA blocks (yes, such a thing still exists!), all printed with child-safe, nontoxic inks. There are many beautiful sets to choose from, but there's something special about the name blocks here. Specify a first and middle name – or any words at all. You pay by the block.

    Editor's note: We found these great gifts under $50, but prices can change quickly on the Internet so we haven't included them here. Click the product titles below for current prices.

  • Personalized Storybook

    Whether it's a fairy tale or a pirate's journey, personalized storybooks from I See Me will be the hit of the holidays. Your child becomes the hero of the book, with his or her name appearing throughout the adventure. The youngest children will adore hearing their own name, and as they grow older, they'll love reading it themselves.

  • Handheld sing-along

    If you want to keep those little fingers off your tech, sometimes the best bet is to get the kid her own. The Learn and Groove Music Player from LeapFrog is a portable music player that builds gross motor skills while kids jam along to 20 different tunes.

  • Adorable eco-friendly toys

    Little toy animals are so great for creative playtime. We especially love the ones that don't make you nervous when they end up in a little mouth. Wooden Anamalz are eco-friendly, nontoxic, bendable, and have a lovely backstory to boot. Plus, they now make a reindeer! Hard to resist.

  • Wooden holiday puzzle

    There's something to be said for an awesome toy that doesn't require a single battery, screwdriver, or instruction manual. That's why puzzles are a favorite with us … er, with our kids. This new Christmas puzzle from Melissa & Doug is simple enough to be a winner for toddlers.

  • Get more gift ideas!

    Take a peek at our top picks for babies, preschoolers, big kids, even those hard-to-shop-for dads. Plus, our easy DIY gifts from the kids that any grandparent will go ga-ga over.

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