Cool gifts for kids (under $50)

Cool gifts for kids (under $50)

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  • Personal music player

    Big kids will really feel like big kids when they get their very first real tech gadget. AGPTEK's MP3 player is great for music lovers, and there's a subversive reason for this purchase too: Load it up with parent-approved music and cross your fingers that you can influence your child's taste a little longer.

    Editor's note: We found these great gifts under $50, but prices can change quickly on the Internet so we haven't included them here. Click the product titles below for current prices.

  • Collector's soccer ball

    A beautiful, new hand-stitched soccer ball is a cool gift for any kid, but especially when it's one by Senda Athletics, one of the few companies that guarantee their balls are made under fair trade conditions. Plus, they work with nonprofits in the U.S. and Argentina to help bring sports to more kids.

  • Light-up canvas

    This hot gift from Crayola takes drawing to the next level by turning your child's doodles into a LCD-lit animated lightshow. All it takes is the kit, a touch of imagination, and a dark room. Be warned: Your child will want to show you every single creation. Sometimes twice.

  • Literature for laughs

    So many beginning readers have a dog-eared copy of Where the Sidewalk Ends on their bookshelf. What they may not yet have: the wonderful Every Thing On It, a fabulous collection of never-before-seen drawings and wacky, irreverent, and laugh-out-loud poems that will make even the littlest Shel Silverstein fan squeal with delight. If he doesn't get kids reading, nothing will.

  • Sweet customized jewelry

    A girl's first "grown-up" necklace is a special thing. We love this personalized necklace from Etsy's Stamped With Passion. The disc, stamped with her name, dangles alongside her birthstone on a sterling silver snake chain.

  • Get more gift ideas!

    Take a peek at our top picks for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, even those hard-to-shop-for dads. Plus, our easy DIY gifts from the kids that any grandparent will go ga-ga over.

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