Pregnancy and low back pain

Pregnancy and low back pain

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60% of expectant mothers often experience low back problems against Opr. Dr. Candan shares Hundemir's suggestions.

These pains are a natural process

During pregnancy, the lumbar vertebrae flex to the front to compensate for the weight increase in the anterior abdominal region parallel to the development of the baby, thereby making the waist pit more pronounced. This is a natural process brought about by pregnancy.
Women who do not have serious low back problems before pregnancy go through the pregnancy period, unless there is a contradiction, or with low back pain.

Women with low back problems before pregnancy
However, women with low back problems (lumbar disc hernia, slipped waist, etc.) and especially those who have not completed their treatment face serious low back and leg pain when they become pregnant.
Excess weight increases back pain
Again, the excess weight of pregnant women to facilitate the emergence of these complaints. Obviously, the limited treatment options in pregnant women make it even more difficult. In this case, it is recommended that the mode of delivery should be “caesarean section.. Because Zira straining ”action increases the intra-abdominal pressure as well as the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) surrounding the spinal cord (CSF) in normal birth and causes the existing lumbar problem to progress further.
Unusual situations
Surgical treatment is very rare in pregnant women. However, surgery is recommended in case of foot paralysis. Microsurgical discectomy is performed with epidural anesthesia in the supine position. This is the safest method for mother and baby. Except for emergencies, examination and treatment are usually left after delivery.


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