How do playgroups affect children's socialization and independence process?

How do playgroups affect children's socialization and independence process?

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We, as parents, aim to raise independent children who can communicate with their environment and express themselves.

Play groups provide social environment for your child him and to you teach how to solve problems related to our children. The traditional method is to protect our children from everything and make life easier for them. We make her eat, we dress her, we wipe her hands, her mouths. We even talk to other children and adults through his mouth.

Our worries are daily worries, not considered. We ask them not to get their hands dirty, nourish them properly, not to be upset while playing, or to harm other children. And we often miss where we have to stop. However, the realization of our children's personalities, socialization and independence process is the main thing. The real success is when you can say no to your friend who is trying to take the toy in his hand without crying or he can wait for a friend to take the toy in his hand.

Playgroups are social environments for children and parents. Children play in playgrounds - play toys, share the same environment and toys with friends life They learn.

Below I list the correct teacher-parent behaviors you should see in playgroups or in a kindergarten. This information is also a hint for us to raise social and successful children.

1. Environments should be created to give children the chance to choose and make decisions. You must distinguish between cupboards or large-sized toys and blocks, houses, board games and books. This will help them to move from game to game and recognize the boundaries without the need for an adult.

2. Daily routine and timed practices help children understand what is happening around them. Knowing what will happen in the next stage makes them feel safe and ready for the next stage.

3. Clear wishes and rules and expressions of satisfaction after adjustment teach children the right way of behavior. Smooth and simple expressions allow children to understand the rules.

4. You should warn children of the changes and always use the same warning. If a bell sounds, turning the light on and off, singing the same song will remind your child of what stage he is at.

5. Create situations where children can make their own choices and control during the day. He must choose the next game, the activity, decide which glass to drink, and which book to share with his friends. You should offer him closed-ended options. “Do you want to wear your red pants or your yellow pants?“ “Are you going to put your shoes on yourself or do you want me to help you? You should never engage in a yes - no discussion with children.

6. Predict difficult situations and be one step ahead. If you know that a child may cause trouble in the corner of the block, you should make sure that there is a teacher or an adult there.

7. Correct response to children's behavior and approval-celebration with the right timing is important for the development of their self-confidence. Tell them the great work they do, congratulate them, make them feel proud. Each child in the playgroup should feel your approval one by one.

8. Every child must feel parental consent. You must applaud not only the success of children, but also their efforts.

9. You must express your emotions with words, facial expression and behavior. You need to help children understand how you or your friends feel.

10. You should tell children the consequences of their behavior and how others are affected. You must help children to express their feelings. “You should tell Arda that you were playing the red car, that you were very upset when you pulled her out of your hand.“

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