How many pregnancy tests did you take after a positive result?

How many pregnancy tests did you take after a positive result?

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If someone were to ask you "How many times did you test AFTER a BFP (big fat positive result)?" I'd be willing to bet one of two things would happen:

1) You'd scrunch up your face, look at them like they were crazy, and say "none" with a obviously tone in your voice.

2) You'd get all excited, thrilled to have found another testing fiend to befriend.

This is to say, I suspect there are two separate camps out there. Those who get a positive and take it as real-deal verification they're expecting, and those who simply can not believe it's true. They feel compelled to make sure those pink lines turn up again and again.

our site Community user KodakPolaroid recently asked her friends in the September 2017 Birth Club about their testing habits. She was feeling, "Just curious. You know, for science."

"Also, I'm jonesin to take another test!!!" she added, "but live in the midwest and we're iced in right now. I want to pee on all the sticks!!!"

Though some members commented one test was enough for them (especially if it was the digital kind), LJA777 is also a frequent tester. With a laugh she admitted to having taken "like 10" since her first positive result.

She then explained: "My first appointment seems so far away and I found out at 11 dpo (days past ovulation) so I just keep checking that my little blueberry is still in there. Lines are just getting darker and darker. I looked at so many bfn (big fat negative) the last few months that I just love watching that second line appear."

That seems understandable to me. With my first pregnancy I took just the initial test on my own, but then I ran straight to the doctor for verification. I believe I even got in the same day. If I hadn't been able to, though? Odds are I'd have higher numbers of retesting to report.

In the poll KodakPolaroid created with her post 2-5 ended up being the most common number of tests taken, with 6-10 coming close behind in second place. Time to see what our blog readers have been up to...

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