7 fun Easter basket ideas for babies

7 fun Easter basket ideas for babies

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I love coming up with fun and practical Easter basket ideas for babies.

Growing up we always received a Easter basket that had just a few small treats tucked in. The Easter bunny usually brought me a bathing suit, new jelly sandals, a bag of jelly beans, and one of those giant Italian hollow chocolate eggs with the surprise inside.

I loved Easter because it had nothing to do with the Easter basket. My parents weren't regular churchgoers and I loved that we got to go to church on Easter Sunday and listen to the beautiful music. We wore big, puffy dresses and an Easter hat, even gloves some years. After mass we went as a family to the neighborhood lake and feed the ducks before going home to enjoy Easter lunch.

At our Easter meal, we played games together with our colored eggs and I loved that even the grownups got in on the fun and competition. Some years we had an Easter egg hunt, but not every year. We talked about what Easter means and I would ask about a thousand questions about God and Jesus.

I want to create memories like that with my kids for Easter. Why has Easter become the new Christmas? It's ridiculous and just feeds into the materialistic lifestyle we all talk about avoiding but don't really avoid. We "Konmari" our homes only to fill them back up with junk again. Well, not me!

I have four kids, and they will all receive Easter baskets this year, even the baby! However, I will fill each basket with items I planned on buying anyway. I (I mean the Easter Bunny) will gift practical Easter baskets with goodies that will be used all year long. Mark my words.

Here are some fun Easter basket ideas for babies for the Easter bunny who wants to keep it simple but super fun this year:

Disney SoapSox


This is like a loofah stuffed animal, and kids go nuts for it!

Crawl 'N' Go Snail


I love this magical moving snail because it's multiple toys in one, and my kids learned to crawl by trying to chase it.

Lion Teether

(Marcus & Marcus)

With clean lines and a nice hard surface, this is a great baby teether for your little cub.

Snack in the Box


You can pack two different snacks in one container. This is great for a new eater and fits a good handful of Cheerios!

Heart to heart pacifier chain


I find pacifier chains to be very useful for the forgetful mom who loses everything. This one is wooden and makes for a good teether too.

Squirting silicone bath toy

(Marcus & Marcus)

This squirt toy stays mold free and is very easy to clean. It's load of fun too!

HABA Classic Duck Pull Toy


I would put this pull toy in a baby or toddler's Easter basket. Kids love pulling their little wooden pets around, and it's great fun for early walkers.

If you want to give your baby an Easter basket but aren't sure what to put in it, focus on what items baby might need or want in her first year and go from there! Happy shopping!

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