Hearing impaired baby can be diagnosed in the womb

Hearing impaired baby can be diagnosed in the womb

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With advances in genetics, it is now possible to know whether babies will be born with disabilities while they are still in the womb. The German Hospital for Genetic Diseases and Diagnosis Center initiated the application of DNA from the unborn baby by analyzing the cells can be determined whether there is a congenital or hereditary hearing impairment. From the German Hospital Genetic Diseases and Diagnosis Center Dr. Hakan Ozon, hearing loss may occur as a congenital and acquired, indicating that the birth hearing loss is seen every 1000 or 2000 births, he said. According to the data in developed countries, deafness or hearing loss is inherited at a rate of 60%. Hakan Özön said: 50 More than 50% of hereditary deafness and hearing losses are of genetic origin. Some tests need to be performed to differentiate the genetic origin of deafness or hearing loss from non-genetic origin. In addition to autological and physical examinations, genetic counseling and the elaboration of a detailed family tree (pedigree) is essential for this. Bun

Diagnosis in the womb

Dr. Dr. Hakan Ozon, advances in the field of genetics, albeit partially in front of the births of disabled people expressed that, especially for hereditary hearing loss in the German Hospital said that they are doing important work. Özön stated that couples who have syndromic-hereditary hearing loss in their families and who have consanguineous marriages can apply to this method:
10 Pregnancy 10-16. weeks of the baby's cells by CVS or amniocentesis method. After obtaining the DNA of the cells, we perform DNA analysis on the 'Connexin 26' gene, which causes hearing loss. The finding of a mutation on the DNA after the analysis shows us whether the baby will have hearing loss. ”

If the family wants to have the baby

Stating that the unborn baby (fetus) will be hearing impaired, the family is informed. Hakan Ozon, "If the family does not want to be born hearing impaired baby for medical purposes (baby taking) process is done," he said.

How is DNA Analysis performed?

After obtaining DNA from the cells taken from the fetus (fetus), this region is amplified as many times as required by the method called PCR for the gene region known to be known for its DNA sequence. The product is subjected to an application called 'sequencing' in order to read the letters that make up the DNA. The final product obtained here is analyzed on the DNA sequence analyzer using advanced computer programs. Then the results are compared with the DNA of the normal individual. The differences in the letters on the DNA sequence, which means an apology or a disease, are detected in this way.


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