Get Rid of Your Birth Weight in 8 Steps!

Get Rid of Your Birth Weight in 8 Steps!

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Get Rid of Your Birth Weight in 8 Steps!

Dear mothers, you held your baby and started thinking about how my birth weight will go!

Calm down, sit back and continue reading our article to guide you!

After birth, you can dedicate most of your energy to the care of your baby. However, taking care of your own health also means that your body is recovering after pregnancy and most valuable staple During this period you offer is very important.

In the postpartum period, all mothers want to get rid of their weight as soon as possible. Slimming teas, various detoxes and calorie restrictive diets fly in the air

However, I do not recommend such applications or supports

Dear mothers in the postpartum period, whether you care for your baby or breastfeed your baby, you are constantly on the move and you are wasting energy.

Information! Breast-feeding 700 ml of milk secretions and every day for it 500-700 calories spend

With the energy you spend, you can say goodbye to your birth weight in a short time with the simple changes you make in your life.

Changing your eating habits can be seen as a very challenging process, turning it into fun is in your hands 

Step 1

Write What You Eat!

In fact, a detail that most of us don't like, but those who take note of what they eat, how they eat it, are more easily weakened!

Sometimes we lose ourselves and don't realize what we eat, how much we eat… snacks this situation shows more.

When we look at our diary, we can think, ara What time did I get these two cookies? H So it's a great idea to keep a diary for what's missing and what's more.

Don't say I don't have time, it's just a few minutes!

Step 2

One Day a Week Getaway!

Promise yourself as you start a new week, say if I eat enough and balanced this week, I will eat my bread on olive oil on Sunday morning and reward myself, as a monster, and I will get rid of my weight.

Yes I am serious!

Don't bother with the unfounded rumors that turn around. Declare a free meal of the week! You'll see how you get weakened with pleasure.

Step 3

Search Meal!

In fact, our biggest mistake is to skip intermediate meals and load on the main meals.

We provide our clients 3 main 2 or 3 snacks We recommend that they consume. Not only do they suffer while they are weak, they do not starve and they become weak.

The snack regulates our blood sugar, balances appetite and speeds up metabolism. Briefly, metabolism "come on!" He says.

I've written a few snacks alternatives that help you lose weight and increase your milk.

  • 1 activia yogurt + 5-6 pieces nuts + Fennel tea
  • 1 cup kefir + 1 tea cup white chickpeas
  • 1 medium green apple + 1 bowl of yogurt + cinnamon
  • 3 tablespoons oatmeal + 1 fruit + 1 cup of milk + cinnamon
  • 1.5 cups mint ayran + 4 grissini

Step 4

Choose Whole Grain Products!

The difference between white bread and whole wheat bread is not the calorie difference.

Whole wheat flour or whole wheat flour we recommend especially more "bran" so "fiber" and keeps us full for longer.

The same goes for toast, donuts, pizza. Remove white flour from your life and replace it whole grain products choose! For example, if you wanted pizza, ask for it to be prepared with whole wheat dough and support it with plenty of vegetables.

Step 5


day 8-10 cups weaken by drinking water! 60-70% of our body consists of water and 1.5-2 liters of this amount is thrown out in various ways. our metabolism 1% water loss even feels. It is up to us to balance the water ratio

Especially during lactation increasing breast milk We all know that fluid support is the most effective and most important way. Therefore, to increase your milk as well as to get rid of your postpartum weight at least 2-3 L water during the day! Don't wait to be thirsty.

Recommendations to increase breast milk You can watch our video.

Step 6

Breastfeeding is!

You may need to breastfeed your baby every time she cries. Breast-feeding 700 ml of milk secretions and every day for it 500-700 calories Spend!

In fact, this means; adequate and balanced nutrition, when you meet the fluid requirement for your body you do not need to do an extra diet

Breastfeeding is your new sport

Step 7


Healthy and permanent weight loss 70% diet, 30% exercise is possible with. We mentioned above that breastfeeding is your new sport. Outside of this sport, when you have time, you can throw yourself out and take a 45-minute brisk walk outdoors.

Believe me, this walk is good for both your body and your soul.

Step 8

Keep Your Motivation High!

Postpartum period can be a challenging period for many women.

Your baby brings joy and happiness to the family as well as stress and fatigue. Emotional changes may occur.

Keep your motivation high and love yourself because when you love yourself, you don't take notice of external warnings and you can get through this period more easily.

You are the most important for your baby. Don't forget to neglect your own health!

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