Baby name suggestions

Baby name suggestions

The choice of name is very important in infants. The selected name even affects the baby's character. We should never forget this effect when choosing names for our babies. It is true that we show sensitivity to our babies as mother and father candidates i One of the most sensitive subjects is the meaning of names. The names of girls in the Qur'an and the names of boys in the Qur'an are one of the points we consider when choosing names for our babies.

Most Popular Male Names in the Quran

The most preferred 20 male names in the Qur'an are as follows:

1. Ahmet
2. Burak
3. Cihan
4. Eymen
5. Furkan
6. Harun
7. Abraham
8. Kadir
9. Kemal
10. Muhammad
11. Mehmet
13. Osman
14.Öm is
15. Ramadan
16. Ridvan
17. Taha
18. Tayyip
19. Vedat
20. James

Girl Names In The Most Popular Quran

The most preferred names of the first 20 girls in the Qur'an are as follows:

1. Ay┼če
2. Elif
3. Emine
4. Esra
5. Firdevs
6. Fatma
7. Eve
8. Ecrin
9. Hatice
10. Kevser
11. Merve
12. Mary
13. Nur
14. Sumeyye
15. Reyyan
16. Ceylin
17. Tugba
18. Zeynep
19. Zeliha
20. Busra

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