Baby Development

37th Week Pregnancy

37th Week Pregnancy

37th week of pregnancyWe have prepared a great article about you. 🙂 We wish all the expectant mothers a pleasant reading.

Weight of your baby 3000 grams can find and length about 48 cm!
Except for the special circumstances, there is no problem for him to be born anymore. Their adaptation to normal life has already taken place.

  • Your baby's brain and nervous system continues to evolve.
  • Hand feet and all the lines are now the size of a baby.
  • You can see him sucking his fingers. 🙂
  • The baby can give the feeling that it swims like a fish in the womb.

Health Advice to the Mother - Week 37 Pregnancy

Your uterine contractions are irregular. If these contractions occur regularly, 10-15 minutes apart can be a herald of birth. When you go to the hospital where you will give birth, just in case you have your birth bag with you.

Discharge of water It is a reason for hospitalization. Routine preparations begin after checking the baby's heartbeat and the mother's uterine canal in the hospital. Once the water has arrived, normal labor may begin within about 24 hours.

If water is drained during these weeks but delivery has not started within 24 hours, it may be necessary to initiate birth with artificial pain medications to prevent infection.

If your baby's butt comes before the delivery route, you are most likely to have a caesarean section. Likewise, if your baby stands sideways, chances of vaginal birth are low.

Nutrition Advice to the Mother - Week 37 Pregnancy

During these weeks, probiotics It is very important to eat rich in terms. The small amount of beneficial bacteria in our intestinal flora can cause constipation. A regular flora means a regular bowel system. For this you can consume homemade yogurt, kefir, cheese.

Birth Symptoms - Week 37 Pregnancy

Major birth symptoms:

  • Water coming,
  • Bleeding / bloody discharge
  • It is a regular uterine contraction.
    If you have any signs of childbirth, do not eat or drink on the way to the hospital. There is the possibility of anesthesia for each birth and the filled stomach can cause problems.

What is Artificial Pain? Week 37 Pregnancy

Shopping Advice to the Mother - Week 37 Pregnancy

You should definitely buy non-chemical products for your baby's room. If you plan to give birth at your 39th week, you will have to paint and place your baby's room during these periods.
You can choose a crib that fits your baby first time in your own room. Our suggestion here is that you research the raw material of the cradle well. Happy shopping!

Note from your baby:

Mommy, hello from our 37th week!

I am now 3 kilos and my height is 48 cm. I'm very close to having my family, so what kind of room have they made for me? I heard they were painting my room with a non-chemical paint inside. They look at me with care, don't they? I liked the preparations my parents made for me the most during our 37th week. My dear family, what do you like most?

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