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Week 11 Pregnancy

Week 11 Pregnancy

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11th week of pregnancy We have prepared a great article about you. 🙂 We wish all the mothers already pleasant readings.

By the 11th week your baby is now 31-42 mm, so almost pointing finger up!

  • Your baby's brain structure has already begun, and his face has already begun to look like all of us. Eyelids develop and close.

    Don't be surprised, all babies' eyes Closed until 26th week.

  • The bowels settled from the navel into the abdomen and bowel movements began. His liver began to secrete bile. Thyroid and pancreas formation was completed and insulin was secreted from the pancreas.
  • The vocal cords were formed and can make a sound.
  • The external genitalia began to develop even though it was not very prominent.
  • Hand nails and reflexes also began to develop.
  • Your baby's heart it has actually beating for weeks, but the sound of this shot has just arrived to a level that can be listened to by your doctor with a special device called opp Doppler ”. Now you can hear your baby's heartbeat!

Blood Mismatch during Pregnancy - Week 11 Pregnancy

Blood mismatch occurs when the mother's blood group is RH (-) and the father's blood group is RH (+). When the cells of a child with blood type RH (+), born from a mother with blood type RH (-), pass into the mother's circulation, an immune response occurs in the mother.

If it is the first pregnancy, the first answer is usually weak. It takes slightly more than 6 months to form and is harmless. However, a strong secondary response occurs when the mother's cells meet RH (+) baby cells again during the second pregnancy and negative consequences up to the loss of the baby It may produce.

Blood DisputesRhogam (anti D) is routinely performed if the baby's blood type is determined routinely after birth and blood mismatch is detected. For this reason, Rh isoimmunization or Rh disease, which is frequently seen in the past and can cause infant loss, is rarely seen today.

In cases of excessive bleeding, detachment placenta - placental trauma, and interventional procedures such as amniocentesis and CVS, an excessive immune response may occur if the infant's cells pass through a large amount of maternal circulation. If such a problem occurs, your doctor may decide to give Rhogam or Anti D injections. There is no problem with blood mismatch, especially during the first pregnancies, but every month to eliminate all negativities “Indirect Coombs”Test should be followed.

11 week pregnancy nutrition recommendations

Nutrition Advice to the Mother - Week 11 Pregnancy

In addition to taking multivitamins in consultation with your doctor Group B vitamins also contains tablets. You should try to consume leavened foods, pulp vegetables, veggie burgers and protein-containing vegetables. Rich in zinc legumes, nuts and pumpkin seeds you should try to eat.

Also, every day during pregnancy 80 to 10 mg. to vitamin C need. Vitamin C helps your baby build new cells and health tooth-bone development It helps. To meet your daily vitamin C needs, you can consume orange and other citrus products.

vegan, you should pay more attention to nutrition during pregnancy. It is unlikely that it will be obtained through natural resources. To take vitamin B12 completely You should pay particular attention.

Myoma in Pregnancy - Week 11 Pregnancy

One of the problems that can cause problems during pregnancy have fibroids. Fibroids are masses of meat ball in the form of muscle tissue of the uterus under the influence of hormones. They are benign, but sometimes they can cause problems depending on their location.

Fibroids growing into the uterine chamber may be the cause of bleeding. Fibroids are observed to grow during pregnancy. Those who grow out of the uterus may be discomforted by mass effect, but they do not cause a significant problem.

When fibroids cause a change called degeneration due to pregnancy hormones, they can cause uncomfortable pain.

Vaginal Fungus in Pregnancy - Week 11 Pregnancy

During pregnancy, under the influence of the hormone progesterone vaginal flora changes. This prepares the ground for fungal growth. Mushroom formation in the style of milk cut itching and itching why could it be. If there is no itching, there is no need for treatment. Because during pregnancy, it may repeat after a while. If itching is uncomfortable, you should consult with your doctor and take the medicines recommended by him.

Health Advice to the Mother - Week 11 Pregnancy

  • Nasal obstruction is more common in mothers who previously had nasal flesh or nasal deviation problems. This is due to edema caused by hormones. Especially in the first 3 months nasal sprays containing sea water You can relax with. You should avoid salty bitter and spicy foods.
  • With coughing at night gastric reflux shortage. As a precaution, you can cut solid food 2 hours before bedtime. You can go to bed with a high pillow and drink syrups that will remove the stomach acid that your doctor recommends before going to bed.

Shopping Advice to the Mother - Week 11 Pregnancy

Your belly is slowly becoming obvious, isn't it? During this period you can start to buy yourself beautiful maternity dresses, design pregnant t-shirts. You can have a very sweet look and feel very comfortable with them. 🙂

Note from your baby:

Mommy, hello from our 11th week!
I'm going to close my eyes this week and not open until the 26th week, don't worry, all the babies were like this. I've had vocal cords this week, and you can even hear my heart! So how does my heart beat? Mother! Father! Mother! Father! If you want my other organs to grow like my heart, you can eat vitamin C foods. Vitamin B12 was also very important for my development… I liked the way you looked at me the most during our 11th week. And what did you love most, Mommy?


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