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The foundation of health is laid at the age of 3!

The foundation of health is laid at the age of 3!

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Nutrition and Diet Specialist Ayşegül Bahar, continues to share with you the golden rules of healthy eating. In this chapter your baby You will find the general principles of healthy nutrition and a sample menu.

1. After one year The child, who is 13-14 months old, can now practice using a fork and sitting together with other members of the family. You are less than you know your child will consume food you should give it to your child. Them "Clean Plate ClubUğraş Stop trying to make a member.

2. Give children as much as possible early they should be taught to eat using forks and spoons on their own.

3. In this period, children should be fed four to six meals a day, milk and milk foods; meat, chicken, fish, eggs and legumes; vegetables and fruits; bakery and starchy foods should be given adequate and balanced. One of the most common mistakes in our country is to dip the child into bread to feed. This form of nutrition with no nutritional value should not be applied.

4. Every day, one of the meat and legumes should be on the nutrition list. If you wish, you can also mix these foods with vegetable dishes so that even if there is a food she doesn't want to eat, it will mix between other flavors.

5. Every day egg but it is more appropriate to give eggs every day to children who consume meat every day.

6. Children should be given half a liter of milk every day. Milk can be given in any way. Calcium contained in milk is very important for the development of children. 25 grams of cheese has 200 grams of calcium in milk.

7. Vegetables should be given once or twice a day and even legumes and protein sources should be added to increase nutritional value.

8. Fruit should be eaten once or twice a day. Giving an extra meal can replace vegetables. Fruit juices can also replace the fruit.

9. Starchy foods twice a day and three slices of bread must be on the nutritional list.

10. All kinds of confectionery, cake, cake, ice cream are foods that should not be given frequently. Children should be introduced to sweets as late as possible. Giving the child a nap between meals leads to undernutrition by reducing appetite and is the leading cause of dental caries.

11. It is best not to let children taste these drinks as tea and coffee can cause irritability because of the stimulants they contain.

12. Water loss increases in hot weather. For a regular metabolic activity, we must replace the lost fluid. 1 ml of liquid is recommended for every 1 kcal of energy. Therefore, the average fluid intake for 1-3 year old children should be 1000-1500 cc.

13. Ice cream is an indispensable dessert for children. Nutritional value also has a place among other desserts. 100 g. nutritional values ​​of ice cream: 193 calories, 4.5 g protein, 148 mg calcium, 0.1 mg iron. You can easily give your child ice cream in certain sizes. Protein, calcium, energy and iron are the most important nutrients in 1-3 year old child nutrition. 1 g milk instead of 100 g of ice cream can be consumed. 1 ball of ice cream is approximately 40-45 calories and contains 35 mg of calcium. Especially children who cannot gain weight consume peanuts, almonds and chocolate particles in the afternoon meals and provide a good source of energy. An important issue that should be considered is that the labels should be read when buying ready-made ice creams and not consuming the past ones.

14. Ready-made juice is not recommended for children as it does not have normal cola, soda nutritive value. Children should not be given these drinks as much as possible. To meet these foods should be thrown as late as possible. If your child pushes too hard, you can give these drinks by diluting. However, these drinks should be recommended to encourage fresh juice, milk, buttermilk instead.

Sample Menu for Children Age 1-3

Morning:1/2 cup full of milk
1/2 banana
1 slice of cheese
1 slice of bread
1/2 spoon of butter
1/2 spoon of molasses
Search for:1/2 mug of fresh juice
3-5 baby biscuits
Noon:45 g steak
1/2 cup yogurt
Soup (1 cup (small) lentils)
1/3 Pumpkin
1/3 Carrot
1/3 Leek
1 tablespoon of oil is mixed by making soup…
Search for:15 gr cheese
3 crackers
Evening:1/2 cup yogurt
1/4 rice + broccoli + 1 spoon of oil + 45gr chicken steak is cooked and optionally passes through the blender.
Search for:½ cup milk
Baby biscuits

Ayşegül Bahar says: “I would like to emphasize again and again that the development of the baby, which is too early to make its own choices, takes shape according to the knowledge and practice of the parents. Mothers attach great importance to balanced nutrition of their babies, but this importance should not allow the child to overshadow their happiness. ”


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