How do I get rid of postnatal cracks?

How do I get rid of postnatal cracks?

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Pregnancy is a miraculous process. The idea of ​​having children is exciting for all mothers. But this miraculous event causes unwanted changes in many women's bodies.

Why do birth cracks occur?

Skin cracks are usually seen in women. It is a skin problem that is usually observed during adolescence during rapid weight gain or after pregnancy. Genetic, hormonal and mechanical stress, as well as causes, such as weight gain and loss of skin, even under small stresses can create cracking. Subcutaneous fat tissue is more hip, basin, abdomen, breast and décolleté regions are seen more cracks. This situation, which is annoying for women, can be easily and easily remedied. Small cracks may pass over time, but the older ones cannot heal themselves. Pregnancy starts to swell with weight gain in the abdomen, stretched to form cracks. Since the abdomen becomes more prominent from the 5th to 6th months of pregnancy, the cracks occur at a higher rate in these months.

How is it treated?

Cracks that occur after pregnancy, which have been a problem for women for a long time, can be treated successfully with new methods developed when they are intervened at the right time. Significant improvement is observed in the problematic areas of the skin, although not completely recovered. Dermaroller treatment and fractional laser treatment, which can be applied in the period when the cracks formed become white, give more positive results. In addition to the doctor's treatment, there are methods that can be applied by the mothers themselves at home. Although these are usually herbal products without side effects, it is useful to consult a doctor before use. Among these natural products are pure olive oil, apricot oil, cocoa butter, black seed oil, centaury oil, lemon balm oil and wheat oil. These vegetable oils alone contribute to the moisturization of the skin and also by mixing at a certain rate. Besides, taking a shower with cold water and massaging the problem skin will help to reduce the cracks. Keep in mind that preventing new cracks is much easier and easier than eliminating existing cracks. Experts consider almond oil and baby oil suitable for crack treatments. These mixtures, which are very successful in healing the stretch marks, have no harm to the baby or the mother, so there is no harm in using them during pregnancy.

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