Is normal birth dangerous

Is normal birth dangerous

One of the most suggestive topics for mothers
It forms thereof. Therefore, whether the mothers are born by vaginal birth or by cesarean section
difficult to give. Normal birth threatens the health of the mother or baby
is a form of birth that can be preferred in the absence of any condition. Vaginal
birth; As it is a natural method for both mother and baby much more
It is healthy. If the mother and the baby is a problem in terms of health
If this is not the case, vaginal birth should be preferred. Of course most
that is true; mother who regularly goes to the control, who knows him
and decides the type of birth together with the doctor following his health.

Normal deliveryAs in cesarean section advantages of its own
and disadvantages. Normal delivery;
effect of substances secreted during childbirth because it occurs through the uterus
of the baby's respiratory and immune system with babies born by cesarean section
is thought to be more powerful. Also born with normal birth
infants are better adapted after childbirth and breast sucking behavior
It is observed. Birth
post-mother; continue your daily life in a shorter time than cesarean section
to the state.

Some of the normal birth
There are also disadvantages. How the birth process will take place
It is unknown. Facing a problem during normal birth
You can stay. The baby may suffer and the heart rate may slow down.
In such cases, the caesarean section should be ready at any time. Even the slightest problem during birth
may cause the baby to become dehydrated. With what in the process of birth
is the most important disadvantage of normal birth. also
bladder prolapse in mothers who give birth to their babies with normal birth
visible. This can cause problems such as incontinence.
as well as birth pain that can last up to 12 hours
It affects. Another condition that worries the expectant mother is when the birth will start.
It is unknown. This is the reason for the caesarean section

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