Postpartum edema

Postpartum edema

women need more water per day than non-pregnant women.
During pregnancy, water is transmitted to the pelvic joints to provide the necessary support.
It provides. If the body is not given the amount of water it needs, the brain
panic can hold orders to hold the water in the body. In this case, edema
begins to form. Self-developed mechanism of this body
The essence lies in protecting the baby. Expecting baby from the beginning of pregnancy
This is where a mother needs to drink more water. This time
This is the edema caused by these liquids.
The volume of blood circulating in the veins of pregnant women is 50% higher than normal
With increasing blood volume, there is some expansion of the vessels and
a portion of this fluid accumulates in the cells.
Edema seen from the second trimester of pregnancy to pregnant women
It is seen in 75% of the size to cause complaints. Swellings especially during night hours
they reveal themselves. Staying up during the day, warm air edema
factors. Common edema of the ankles and legs
can also be seen on the hands and wrists.

Factors to reduce edema
it is inevitable, but there are situations that can reduce edema.

Drink plenty of water. Drinking water will solve the edema as well as the milk of nursing mothers.
It will increase. It is not the excess of water that causes edema. Lots of water
cycle of water by drinking water
I need water is given to me 'he can easily throw edema.

habits and elegance are of great importance. Average 6 meals a day, 2-3 hours apart
food will not keep the mother hungry for a long time to keep the metabolism active
creates a balanced situation. Timely and
regular eating prevents edema and circulatory disorders.

when sleeping, especially when the baby is sleeping and waking up.
the body does not fall tired and is still in balance
does not hold extra edema. Blood circulation during body rest
edema formation again decreases.

pregnant women
Variable socks produced to reduce swelling caused by edema
helps and reduces pain. Comfortable clothes
Take care to wear.

salt is known when the body makes edema because it is known to hold water under normal conditions.
It is recommended that mothers to reduce the intake of salt in a balanced ratio. Salt
consumption of pink Himalayan salt is important when used. Your body
Himalayan salt that contains the minerals it needs does not make edema.

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