Yoga After Pregnancy

Yoga After Pregnancy

The happiness of having a baby, unfortunately the back, buttocks, shoulder pains
It brings. It is difficult for a mother to breastfeed her baby, even for small walks.
can start coming.

Nowadays, most doctors are experiencing the body caused by pregnancy and childbirth.
changes, pain and psychological changes for postnatal yoga
It suggests.

Postnatal yoga will help postpartum mothers' physical and emotional recovery
is one of the best methods.

Pregnancy yoga will help you remember your feelings.
Not only physical but also psychological recovery
It will accelerate.

If you have delivered a caesarean section after 2-4 weeks, if you have a normal
weeks later you can start pregnancy yoga. But finally,
consult will benefit. Your doctor will help you with timing
It happens.

Yoga after birth, both the mother's time for herself, abdomen and vagina
muscles quickly recovered from spine pain
Get rid of and restore the woman's old life
It is very important to be able to return. Yoga is also used to prevent depression
Pass. Occurring with changing sleep patterns during pregnancy
eliminates the problem of insomnia.

Postnatal Yoga

- Removes posture disorders that may occur as a result of carrying the baby during pregnancy.

- They'il hang up the drooping belly.

- Eliminates the back, wrist, shoulder and waist pain that may occur due to breastfeeding.

- Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. However, it prevents the incontinence problem that may occur in later years.

- Strengthens leg muscles.

- Strengthens the breast muscles and prepares the mother better for breastfeeding.

- Tightens the body with breathing exercises.

- Helps the uterus return to its original size after birth.

- With meditation techniques, hormonal changes are compensated and complaints such as insomnia and fatigue are eliminated. However, it is the best way to eliminate the fears and worries experienced during pregnancy. It helps the mother raise awareness and communicate better with her baby.

As long as she feels comfortable and well, she can continue her yoga exercises.
After pregnancy, a cheerful and healthy environment occurs for mothers who practice yoga.
This is reflected in the environment and especially the baby.

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