Attention to heart diseases in newborns

Attention to heart diseases in newborns

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Age, genetic factors, malnutrition and lifestyle and heart diseases that we are accustomed to seeing in older age also threaten babies. Anadolu Medical Center Cardiovascular Health Coordinator and Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist. Dr. Sertaç Çiçek and Pediatric Cardiology Specialist Dr. Dr. Levent Saltik pointed out the importance of early diagnosis, said that almost all of the congenital heart disease can be treated. Professor Dr. Flower and Prof. Dr. Absolute babies often and difficult breathing, while sucking quickly fatigue, sweating, fainting, bruising, abdominal and chest accompanied by excessive symptoms such as breathing should be immediately consulted to the doctor said. Among the anomalies in the newborn period, heart diseases take the first place. The presence of a hole between the chambers of the heart is a common congenital heart disease pointed out by statistics. Careful monitoring by the parents of the babies for early detection, regular check-ups are essential. Early diagnosis can help prevent further difficulties in the future. Stating that almost all congenital heart diseases can be treated with the developing technology, Anadolu Medical Center Cardiovascular Health Coordinator and Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist. Dr. Sertaç Çiçek and Pediatric Cardiology Specialist Dr. Dr. Levent Saltik, congenital heart disease is more common, indicating that families warned. Experts explaining that both mother and child factors can increase the likelihood of disease, uzman If the mother has congenital heart disease, diabetes (diabetes), the mother has had some influenza infections during pregnancy (for example, rubella), certain drugs used in the first months of pregnancy artır he said. Professor Dr. Flower and Prof. Dr. Absolute, high-risk mothers and their babies (to the fetus) can be carried out in pregnancy and more strictly monitored, he said.

May not show symptoms

Symptoms in general with those with bruising or without bruising heart disease is divided into two groups indicating stating. Dr. Flower and Prof. Dr. Ik If heart disease in the baby does not cause a significant problem in the functioning of the heart, families may not notice anything. In this case, the diagnosis can be made after the evaluation of the pediatric cardiologist who is referring to the suspicion of the doctor examining the baby. ”

Caution if bruising

Experts mention that when the baby's heart disease disrupts the heart's functions, the parents may notice some symptoms in the child, and they list them as frequent and hard breathing, fatigue while sweat, sweating, fainting, bruising, and excessive accompanying breathing of the abdomen and chest. Experts explaining that this picture is very important warnings for parents, reminded that if any of these symptoms are noticed, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Breastfeeding baby heart friendly

Experts say that breastmilk, which is the most important nutrient for all babies, is much more important for babies with congenital heart disease, “In general, these babies should be fed more carefully and more frequently. At this point, parents need to be more attentive and spend more time feeding their babies. ” Experts, congenital heart disease in children with growth and weight gain if there is a problem with different feeding methods, foods and foods can be recommended, he added.

They can even be professional athletes

One of the questions the parents are most curious about is the answer to the question mi Will my child be able to play sports in the next life? Da. The answer to this question is probably “yes.. However, families can prevent sports in their children with a natural protection reflex and instinct. But these children can do sports just like any other child. Some of them can even become professional athletes (with only a small, trouble-free hole). He said that the conditions in which the sport is completely banned in these children are very rare. Dr. Levent Saltik, "In some cases according to the type and severity of the heart disease in the child, how and what sports the child can do, after some investigations, the cardiologist is the healthiest decision," he said.


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