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Sexuality in early childhood

Sexuality in early childhood

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Both boys and girls can concentrate on examining their genital area as they learn to get rid of the diapers and toilets themselves. Parent Masturbation is a natural consequence of the urge to explore for children, Psik says psychologist Sinem Olcay, Istanbul Parenting Class Development Expert. As this part of the body is kept closed, it becomes a focal point for children aged 3-6 who have the urge to explore intensively. ”

Girls realize that self-stimulation is rewarding. Parents should take care to say little about it. When children can experience these discoveries as a special experience, they complete the discovery process more quickly.

Boys will soon notice that their penis has sensitive areas. Many little boys hold their penis even while sucking their thumbs. This behavior is both calming and exciting for children. Masturbation occurs in almost all boys aged 4-6 years. Adults' response often has an effect that reinforces behavior.

“But if you observe that your child has been too busy masturbating for a long time, it may mean that your child has a special need for self-consolation. Your child may be looking for your help to learn other ways of self-calming, or perhaps telling you that you have been sexually aroused or that you have been traumatized. ”


Children need to learn that self-stimulation needs to be done in a special place. Knowing the importance of masturbation as a parent for children helps you overcome your tendency to interrupt or stop behavior. Prohibitions often increase the importance of behavior for the child. Parents should shift the child's activities to their own special places, such as the room, without the message that masturbation is a misconduct.

In fact, masturbation is a challenging issue for all parents. When we see our child's discovery of sexuality, our own perceptions and prejudices about sexuality or past memories emerge. Masturbating the child can cause uncomfortable feelings because “How far will this behavior go? Will he do it over and over again? Endiş If we can overcome our concerns, we can manage to see the masturbation of our child as a normal stage of childhood and establish an open communication with our child.

You can tell your child about masturbation: “Children do that it feels good. This is something personal, so be careful to do it alone in your room. ” The limit on masturbation should be about where the masturbation is to be done, and the behavior itself should not be limited.

Children's questions about sexuality should be answered clearly and honestly. In addition to your answers, we should remember that children learn sexuality from their parents' behavior. It is in our hands to give the message that sexuality proceeds with the relationship of love through our own behavior, and this is more important than answering questions. Perceptions and learning about sexuality occur at an early age and deepen over time.

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