Summer and spring activities for your children

Summer and spring activities for your children

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Summer is one of the most worried moments for their children. As for the reason; The fact that children do not go to school and are forced to spend time at home instead of being sentenced to television can be explained as not being able to perform alternative activities. Recently, when I talked to families with young children, I saw that many parents had the same problem, so I put together 20 different suggestions for you to have fun and educational activities with your child.

Here are these suggestions…

1. Visit the museums or other cultural and tourist sites in the city with your child.

2. Cook together with your child, while teaching him what to do and not to do in the kitchen.

3. Ask your child to count ads while watching television.

4. Make a finger puppet with your child. Take an old glove and cut off the fingers. Then make different faces on the exposed finger sections and make them talk to your child.

5. Place an ice floe in a dry container and place it on a sun-lit place on your balcony. Monitor the melting and evaporation of ice with your child and calculate how long it has taken place.

6. Do bead sorting activity with your child. This activity will support your child's small muscle development as well as a certain rule will allow the series.

7. Visit a library or a bookstore with your child. Recently, many bookstores have been organizing reading days for children, so if you come across these days, your child will enjoy this experience.

8. Together with your child, you can prepare bookends both for himself and his loved ones.

9. Teach your child who and what number to call in case of an emergency.

10. Read and memorize poetry together.

11. Set a family day, set it as a reading day, and read a book with your child to your child.

12. Organize a summer party at home by inviting your child's friends to your home. Invitation cards and food preparation for this party can be thought of as alternative activities.

13. Pick up your child's belongings and store them in your home, then draw a map describing this place and give it to your child and encourage your child to find it.

14. Go to a picnic with your child.

15. Teach your child to ride a bike, ride a bike together if he knows.

16. Go with your child to visit elderly people.

17. Organize dance nights and try to teach your child different dances. Tell him which country the dance originated from and tell your child about that country. Don't forget to use visual materials while giving information.

18. Ask your child about the three professions he wants to become and introduce them to them. If you have the opportunity, visit the workplace where these professions are carried out with your child.

19. Solve puzzles with your child.

20. Take a flower and plant it in a pot with your child and teach your child to grow flowers.

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