Did polio become epidemic?

Did polio become epidemic?

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Syria-based 'resistant polio virus' has declared a state of emergency in Istanbul. In 6 large districts, all children aged 0-5 years (0-59 months) will be vaccinated. It is planned to reach over 500 thousand children between 5-11 June in Fatih, Sultangazi, Esenler, Küçükçekmece, Sancaktepe and Ümraniye in the vaccine struggle that is unwanted to be reflected to the public and not even filmed. Citizens of foreign countries, especially Syrian children, are among the target groups. Because of the study, seizures of all family physicians who were required to work in state hospitals this month were canceled. At the first stage, families will be invited to Family Health Centers by text message (SMS) and telephone. With the idea that most families cannot be reached, mobile teams will visit neighborhood houses and go to kindergartens and nurseries. If parents accept the polio vaccine in the form of oral drops will be performed. The vaccine study, which was initiated with the concern of Syrian migrants, is being implemented for the first time in Istanbul. In October 2013, the World Health Organization announced the presence of polio in Syria. Since then, most children under the age of 5 were vaccinated in Gaziantep, Hatay, Kilis, Sanliurfa, Mardin, Sirnak and Adana in the border regions. The last polio case was seen in our country in November 1998. No new cases have been reported for about 16 years. The World Health Organization European Region, June 21, 2002 in which Turkey is located within 'polio-free zone' was declared. But the last situation changes the picture a little. At the moment of entry and exit from the Syrian border, everyone is polio-free regardless of age. The state's routine vaccination schedule includes one dose of polio vaccine at 6 and 18 months. But in Istanbul, regardless of the calendar, the vaccine will be given to everyone, even if the child is a newborn, even if it is said to have been aş vaccinated önce. We will try to reach as many children as possible at the same time to fight the virus effectively. On the other hand, many family physicians did not receive the vaccine despite the short duration of application. Official articles were also not sent. But many families, especially in Fatih, are invited to the centers by SMS. Depending on the situation, the number of districts in Istanbul will be increased in the following periods.Infected, 5 years critical periodPolio is most commonly seen at age 5. Virus entering the body through the mouth, proliferating in the throat and intestines is spread to other areas. In about one in every 200 cases, the virus destroys nerve cells that move through the spinal cord, allowing the muscles to move. It causes lifelong paralysis. The virus is transmitted from one child to another with feces, dirty food and water, especially in areas with poor hygiene. The virus has no symptoms in more than 95 percent of children. In the indicated cases, symptoms such as upper respiratory tract infection, gastrointestinal system disorder and flu appear. Today only three countries of the world; Virus circulation continues in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.Source: Zaman Newspaper


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