You can raise multilingual children

You can raise multilingual children

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Babies communicate before they start talkingAfter birth, babies spend most of their awake time listening and watching the gestures / mimics / voices of their mothers or carers. Thus, although they cannot yet control the organs that will allow them to speak, either mentally or physically, they can store language-related information and associate it with their lives. Furthermore, the urge to communicate is so strong that babies develop many different ways to “talk bizim to us long before they speak their first words. For example, there are many different types of crying, and parents quickly learn that one cry means ım I'm hungry ”, another“ hurts ”, or ım I'm uncomfortable”, another means ım I'm bored, take care of me right away ”.Babyish conversations begin towards one year of ageBabies tend to learn to understand and produce words simultaneously while gaining language skills. Towards the age of one year, babies begin to produce “tongue”-like sounds, and babies are replaced by nasal cryballs and giggling, which we may call “infantile speech”. The first meaningful words are spoken between the twelfth and twentieth months. Some babies struggle to make meaningful sounds, while others wait until they are ready. In the eighteen to thirtieth months, the baby's speed of learning new words suddenly increases. This is called a “naming explosion.. Between two and three years of age, the child begins to use structures similar to “infantile speech yetişkin and adult speech, simplifying speech. When the child reaches the age of 3 or 4, the “infantile speech” features in his speech are reduced, understood and similar to that of an adult, and he speaks fluently.Critical period up to age 2!In general, the child can learn the two or three languages ​​he or she is exposed to during the term doğum critical period for language acquisition arası between birth and two years of age. However, due to the nature of the acquisition, a mixture of the characteristics of these languages ​​that the child is exposed in his / her two years of age speech and ve isolated, skillful use ilişkin of each language is gained over time. Therefore, in theory, it is possible to raise bilingual or even trilingual children.What should be considered?It should be emphasized that the birth and the two-year interval are the periyot critical period in terms of language acquisition dolayısıyla, so that the child's reactions should be observed very well, the possibility of “hearing loss meli should be equaled with“ newborn hearing screening başta at first and then the language communication development in the child through periodic evaluations. relevant experts.


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