Stress in pregnancy

Stress in pregnancy

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Midwife Asude Oflaz, the founder of the Pregnant School, who gave trainings to parents who want to live the birth process healthy before and after pregnancy, explained the issues why women should receive education during pregnancy. Asude Oflaz, the information in the ear is stressing pregnant women, said that the right place to receive the right information, especially in the process of pregnancy is very important stressed. According to Oflaz, women should definitely receive education from competent institutions during pregnancy because: 1. Ear-filled information, which consists of birth stories and thoughts of birth of others, causes stress in women by causing information pollution. Candidates who receive the right information from the right place can think correctly and healthily during pregnancy and during delivery. The more mothers know about the process, the less stress they have.
2. If mothers know how pregnancy and birth occur physiologically in the body, they can be in harmony with their bodies in line with their expectations about birth.
3. Pregnant women can learn correct nutrition, which is one of the most important reasons that prevent problems in pregnancy and childbirth. During education, women can learn to be healthy about weight gain during pregnancy.
4. “Movement” is very important in pregnancy and childbirth… Knowledge of pelvic knowledge and learning to make the right movements make birth extremely easy.
5. Techniques that are learned before birth and relieving birth contractions (massage, aromatherapy, thermal treatments, etc.) positively affect the prospective mother's view of birth.
6. Breathing exercises in the trainings increase body awareness because correct breathing is an indispensable part of mother-baby health…
7. The education of the father and mother together will allow the father to participate in pregnancy and birth. Father, not being excluded from birth; can share family unity, responsibility and joy.
8. Studies such as breastfeeding and baby care in the trainings answer the mother's questions nasıl how will I take care of my baby? Ve and reduce the fear of the mother.
9. The father's education in babysitting makes it easier for him to help the mother after birth.
10. And more importantly, conscious parents, equipped with the right information, can convey this knowledge and sensitivity to educate future generations.


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