Innovations in Hyperactivity Treatment

Innovations in Hyperactivity Treatment

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In adults; abandonment of tasks, early abandonment of tasks, extreme restlessness in situations that require calmness, inward haste, upset behavior, fevrilik, hyperactivity and lack of attention in children with social relationship difficulties; excessive mobility, carelessness, forgetfulness, difficulty in concentration, inability to control, difficulty in control of behavior, always moving fingers, hands, arms and legs, the course shows itself as a strain. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common neurobehavioral disorders in childhood. It can be noticed at the age of 4-5, starts in childhood, continues to change shape in adolescence. Dr. Pediatrics and Pediatrics, as well as Pediatric Specialist Combined Complementary Medicine Applications in the treatment of many diseases with positive results. Kamil Teker; gave information about the current treatments applied: “The most common form of treatment for hyperactivity and attention deficit is the use of two classes of psychotropic drugs. These serve to shadow the symptoms of the disease. Does not eliminate the cause of the disease. When the patient does not take any medication, all the complaints continue. He lives a drug-dependent life. In addition, as long as the problem that causes ADHD is not solved, chronic diseases may develop along with learning disabilities and social adaptation problems as well as cessation of development process and chronic musculoskeletal disorders with adult ages. Families are looking for alternative treatments to solve all these problems. ”New and effective treatment for hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder
Addressing families looking for alternative treatment methods Kamil Teker; He stated that the new and effective treatment option is a combined complementary medicine technique because of its causal nature. He said that the Combined Complementary Medicine technique consists of a combination of manual therapy techniques and regenerative injection therapy. He emphasized that in the treatment of hyperactivity disorder, the reasons that disturb the nervous system functions should be determined in children rather than covering the complaints with drugs.


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