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Activities for children

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If you want to have fun and education with your child, we recommend you to take a look at the activities we have chosen for you. With these two activities for children and their families, your child will have the opportunity to learn and experience different materials. Your children will develop their creativity with the first activity called “Let's Make Fish, and the second activity called Kit Making Mini Kit Kite” will enjoy the warm weather. We recommend you try 🙂


Let's make fish…


• Cardboard
• Glue
• Tiles
• Sea shells
• Green cloth
• 1 tablespoon of starch
• Blue powder coating
• Hammer
• Bag


• Put the tile in the bag and break it with a hammer.
• Cut the cardboard square and draw a fish image.
• Glue the broken tiles to the scratched fish image.
• Cook starch with 1.5 cups of water. Mix the paint into it when it is warm. When it cools, apply a sea image on the cardboard and let it dry.
• Cut and glue algae from the fabric.
• Place mussel shells between the algae.

*** This event is taken from the book titled Koc Huge Wonders of Small Pieces KÖ published by KÖK Yayıncılık.


Mini Kit Kite Making…


• Thin nylon
• Two thin slats
• One meter rope
• Colored paper or nylon strips prepared for the tail
• Various paint and ornamental materials to decorate the kite
• Scissors
• Tape


• Cut the thin nylon hexagon on a level surface.

• Attach the two thin strips to the marked areas with tape.

• Connect one meter of rope to each other on the two ear edges of the hexagonal shape and mount the rope there.

• Tape the tape to be used for the tail with tape on the lower right and left sides of the kite.

• You can stick different ornaments on the kite.

*** This event is taken from

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