What should you do when weaning your baby?

What should you do when weaning your baby?

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It's a real reward for every parent to see our little babies grow up quickly and turn into a happy, healthy child. Good nutrition is vital for the healthy development and happiness of our baby. Breast milk is the first ideal food in terms of containing nutrients that meet the special needs of babies.
When breastfeeding is not possible, ready-made foods take their place in baby feeding. Babies generally gain 0.5-1 pounds on average in the first 6 months and every month after the first month. Each baby grows and grows differently, most of them are happy to be fed with milk by the 6th month, while some may be ready for different tastes before 6 months. After this stage, babies will continue to gain about 0.5 kg per month, but to support growth in consultation with your doctor to switch to a mixture of milk and solid food is appropriate.
In fact, babies may not only be satisfied with milk at this stage and they may become more aware and curious about the eating habits of adults, especially their families. This is a sign that your baby is ready to eat complementary solid foods that support the milk you are giving. An exciting period begins for babies to try new and different flavors you give them.
In such a case, it is necessary to prepare solid foods from fresh ingredients in order not to decrease their nutrients. The best thing to do to ensure freshness is to buy and prepare food. The way you store, prepare and cook food you eat affects your nutritional value. As we all know, steaming is the best cooking method to preserve the flavor and nutritional value of food.
We would like to talk about an AVENT product that will provide you with great convenience: The Steamer and the Blender are very effective in maintaining the nutritional value of food. The water left by the food mixes into the food during the chopping stage in the blender. In this way, as much food as possible remains in the food.
With the steam cooker and blender, you can create great flavors and prepare fresh homemade food in less time. You can mix fruit, vegetables, fish or meat carefully in steam and transfer them to another container to achieve optimum consistency with a single turn. When preparing a healthy, simple, fast and complete baby meal, you will not contaminate the utensils in the kitchen and spend more time with your child.

Philips Avent Steamer and Blender with Carrot and Sweet Potato Mashed

• 2 carrots (approx. 180 g)
• 1 small sweet potato (approx. 250 g)
Clean and peel the carrots and potatoes. Cut the vegetables into small pieces and put them in the cooking pan. Add 150 ml of water to the cooking space of the steamer and steam for 15 minutes until the vegetables are tender. Turn the container to the blender position. Mix 2-3 times, 10 seconds to achieve the desired consistency. Take it in a container. If you need to adjust the consistency, add a little baby milk or rice flour. Leave to cool. Serve one portion. Lift the rest to the freezer for later use. Appetite ...


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