The Effect of Proper Nutrition on Success

The Effect of Proper Nutrition on Success

Children spend an average of 2160 days at school. University days are not included in these days. When the exams, which are the steps that will guide work life, are added to this period, school life becomes the most valuable and critical time period. This period also covers childhood and adolescence periods, the process of determining the quality of life that determines the life of the individual. Nutrition Specialist and Nutritionist from ENT Medical Center Meltem Hafızoğu Karakale“Success is hidden in the food you eat,” he says.

School selection, study, classroom, private teachers and evenings at the end of the lessons worked together success. It is clear that this success has some material costs. But is it possible to increase success without spending so much?

“You are what you eat”, so food must be eaten for success. Success increases when it is consumed at the right time and at the right time. In the case of children, the food resources available are over-allocated. However, excessive consumption prevents the brain to function well.

Carbohydrates are taken with foods. When carbohydrates are taken into the body, insulin value increases. If unbalanced and excess carbohydrate intake occurs, there will be problems in insulin release and insulin resistance will occur. Excess insulin in the body, especially around the waist will cause fat. More fat means more weight. Many parents do not care about their children's weight during the summer holidays because of the exam. However, this weight gain reduces school success.

Let us explain this with an example: The child was in school throughout the day. He came home and ate dinner. He had to study after dinner. But after eating, there was such a stagnation and drowsiness that he fell asleep in his seat. Afterwards, he forced himself to study, but nothing came into his mind.

Since her body is fed unbalanced throughout the day, glucose and insulin levels associated with it are impaired. When he came home, his glucose level suddenly increased with the meal, and the body paused in order to adapt to this condition and produce enough insulin. It is possible to avoid this situation.

There are some kids. It is actually very successful. Even at the beginning of the year he has done very well but within months there has been no reason why his success has fallen. The child is demoralized and constantly tired. Although the family pays attention to sleep patterns, fatigue does not cease. After the test, the following words are heard: In fact, the capacity was far above it, we could not understand how it took this result. Have you ever thought about how the child was fed in months? Nutritional deficiencies in months decrease the level of success.

What should he feed the children?

  • WATER: With the decrease of 2% of body water; fatigue, weakness, decrease in memory, decrease in mathematics intelligence and difficulty in concentration. If your child is consuming coffee with the desire to stay awake, this will cause extra water to be removed from the body! Fatigue will begin with decreasing water in the body. 1-2 cups of coffee a day keeps awake, but during the day you must also drink water. Drinking excess coffee causes palpitations and drowsiness. Drink 2.5 liters of water per day. It should be noted that water should be drunk. Water and liquid should not be mixed. All liquids except liquid water. Tea and coffee; soda, soda, soda etc. Drinks should not be mixed with water. Beverages such as soda, cola should be remembered that there is sugar (glucose) (remember glucose-insulin imbalance).
  • OIL: Uncontrolled fat consumption causes weight gain. Fat is a food that must be consumed during the growth and development process. The problem with oil is the way it is used. The use of oil by methods such as frying, roasting can cause weight gain. In addition, changes in the structure of the oil may occur and become harmful to the body. Do not overdo the amount when using oil. Untreated, oil-containing products should be preferred. Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts are especially foods to be eaten. Olive oil must be used in salads and meals.
  • PROTEIN: It is very important for growth, development and muscles. Inadequate intake, the person falls weak physically and spiritually. He cannot gather his thoughts and his memory weakens. It should be assured that foods taken as protein are good sources of protein. Saturated fat is high and cooking techniques show destructive effects rather than wrong proteins, which causes problems such as liver fattening. Protein foods should not be soaked in bread crumbs, should not be fried. It can be flavored with spicy sauces prepared with paste or yoghurt. Sources of protein cooked using grilled (non-fat) meat, fish, turkey or chicken baking bags will be practical, tasty and healthy.
  • VITAMIN AND MINERALS: Secret is the key to success. Vitamins and minerals are the solution to many problems such as brain fatigue, lack of attention, memory weakness, body fatigue, drowsiness, muscle cramps. Vegetables and fruits are important sources.

    Considering the following suggestions with long-term thinking, there will be a chance to prevent and improve many body problems.

• Artichoke, beans, mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower, celery are good for mental fatigue.
• Apples, plums, mandarins, apricots, chestnuts, bananas, oranges help fatigue and strengthen the nervous system.
• Make sure that all foods are not or less processed. In short, no more food should be consumed from outside.
• Never skip meals. Skipping meals will result in a drop in blood sugar and an imbalance in insulin levels. The mind works better with quality and correctly selected meal menus.
• Breakfast should never be skipped. The burrito and pancakes with cheese and vegetables (leek, spinach, etc.) at home will be both practical and delicious. Muesli (fresh fruit, walnuts, almonds added) and omelets are a good option. Omelet made without oil, toast with 2 slices of rye bread with cheese added to the toaster to make a delicious, hearty way to start the day with a healthy meal.
• Attention should be paid to cooking techniques. Instead of frying, processing in oil Apply cooking techniques by grilling (no oil added), baking, steaming, putting in an oven bag or in a pressure cooker.
• Water should be consumed as stated before.
• Linden as a liquid (should be drunk before sleeping). Herbal teas such as basil, lemon balm, sage relaxes the nerves and gives vigor.
Lemonade (with little sugar), sour cherries, etc. made with little sugar at home. syrups prepared with fruits should be preferred to acidic and abundant caffeine drinks.
• While studying, instead of ready-made foods such as biscuits and chips, home-made cookies with whole wheat flour prepared with molasses or less brown sugar with almonds and walnuts should be eaten (not to exceed the amount). Raisins, apricots, almonds, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds (very little) and prunes in a bowl are the right choice.
• Meals should be made healthy by eating meat-turkey-chicken between sandwiches or lavash brought from home or meals from the cafeterias in the school.
• Exercise must be performed to ensure weight control during the exam time. Thus, the amount of oxygen entering the body will increase. One should remember that oxygen is one of the most important energy sources of the brain.
• Fresh vegetables and fruits should be consumed in order to prevent the body's resistance to decrease (colds, flu). Freshly squeezed fruit-vegetable juices are good but the main good is to consume itself with pulp. Thus, it provides satiety for a long time, helps to control weight.
• There may be vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as iron deficiency in the body. Sleep and fatigue are the most important symptoms. In this case, consult a doctor.
• Dietitian help should be sought for individual balanced and healthy nutrition programs.

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