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I don't pick any pacifiers and blue (sleeping objects) out of my bed. That's why I sleep quickly, even when I'm in my bed, even if I'm not with me. Mom or Dad sometimes my grandmother hugs me 3-sentence short lullaby and then leave me to bed. I sleep to mumbling to myself in 5 - 10 min. I have my blue and pacifier again, but I don't have my own bed anymore. From now on, I'm going to get used to sleeping with my mother or between ours.

Yes, I slept with my mother on my first night in Alminya (Germany). I was very pleased with this new experience. I am forced to lie in a bit of ours He returned to Turkey as well. See if I can get used to my old routine again.

After breakfast we come back to the center of Frankfurt.
The bikes are about to be ready, but (alil (brother) and my father ”are still doing some small work. I'm learning that last-minute work will never end. After the last few purchases, we can only leave after midnight. I don't know about the time, but I'm sure it's late afternoon because my mother gives me my favorite meal of banana and iv (kiwifruit) and a meve (fruit) meal.

I'm going around watching my trailer. After passing by Frankfurt Dom, we come to a square with a group of different dressed brothers and sisters. Here I hear a melody that I've listened to many times before.

Ours are suddenly accelerating and heading towards the sound. When I come to the crowd, there's no sound from ours. They just stay.

Mother! And Dad! She shout a few times. My mother comes and says nothing and only caresses my cheek. I was just wondering, what's going on here? Are they delivering eggs?

Mom and Dad are hugging each other and they're quiet again. I hear my mother say, “secret, the journey will be very good”. They open my trailer awning and lean on me. Both are tears. But she doesn't sound like she cries like me. I can even say they laugh.

We're listening to the song together, even though they're crouching beside me. Actually the song is not exactly that either. I'm as peaceful as if I was blue, with my pacifier in my mouth, in my mother's bosom.

My father goes with them with my passport in hand when the melody ends. I realize you're saying my name and showing me the book. Surprise and joy are rising. Those who do not speak English learn from others, everyone begins to tell each other. But I didn't know what happened.

They come to me with flags and local clothes. There are so many hands touching my cheek. Each leaves something on the trailer, a leaf, a scarf from a burning feather, a few candies and chocolates. There is a festival…

They act like I'm the only child in the world. They're squatting next to me and taking pictures. I got famous before I was 2, and I don't know?

They bring my children, who will be considered my age, to show me. They're all laughing and reading joy and excitement.

Who are they always saying my name and why. Why did Mom and Dad get so emotional? An uncle wants to give us a very big flag, but since his pipe is too thick, my father can't find a place to put it on “bisi”.

When my father put a badge on our front bag to illuminate our journey through our journey, my mother leaned over and said, nemli My son, these are Tibetans ”with moist eyes.

I know a little bit about Tibet. My first name comes from here. Ours is the place we want to go to most in the world. It is the highest country in the world and there is the Ç Everest ”mountain of Çomolungma, the roof of the world with a poster hanging on the wall of our study room. There are people living there who believe in one of the most peaceful, devoted, most difficult climates in the world. It's remote, high, untouched, clean and loving.

The Tibetans were more confused than ours; It's the first time they've seen anyone named Tibet. My passport is circulating from hand to hand. They're taking pictures of me and even his passport. The grandfather, the oldest of them, dressed in a long dress, approaching me with procedural steps, tying small color flags on both sides of my seat. On each of the flags it says “om mani padme hum.. Old grandfather “May bring you luck. As these flags swing in the wind, my prayers will be with you. ” “Little Tibet should have a long life and a bright face, l he adds. I'm giving my new grandpa a kiss.

After that, the first thing I see from my glazed mansion all along the way will be these prayer flags.

We're driving out of Frankfurt. We're waving a long hand as we leave the Tibetans behind. Their prayers will be the same in Turkey, such as loving our prayers always with us.

After a little distance from the city we find a cheap hotel and settle down. I hope this is my first 4-word sentence.


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