Suggestions for your baby to have a comfortable summer!

Suggestions for your baby to have a comfortable summer!

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Children can have troubled days in the months when temperatures rise. What to do to protect children from problems such as rash, rash, diarrhea, insect stings Acıbadem Kocaeli Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist View Halil's Full Profile Share.

Do not dress up in layers

One of the biggest mistakes made in the summer months is to dress the child very tight and keep it very warm. However, due to tight dressing children are sweating a lot and become ill by losing salt with the liquid. Parents should dress the child in the same way they dress themselves, and avoid dressing them in layers.

Do not keep food warm

Because food deteriorates very quickly in the heat, it is important to preserve food in the summer. Parents often fear that cold food will make the child ill and often fail to protect the ingredients they use in child nutrition and keep them warm. This can cause nutrients to deteriorate quickly, leading to intestinal infections or diarrhea. During this period, small viruses, microbes and some cystic diseases can cause infection in the intestines.

Take precautions against the natural environment

In the summer months, it can be difficult to protect the child from mosquito and insect stings, as living things in the natural environment increase. At the same time, plants emit pollen and allergic factors are formed in this environment. Allergens cause skin rashes, reddening of the eyes, respiratory diseases, asthma and shortness of breath in childhood. Although it is not possible to keep the child away from natural life, it is recommended to have first aid equipment that can intervene when necessary.

Avoid sunlight

Natural creams should be applied to the skin of babies 20 minutes before the sun, especially in summer. Babies should not be taken out when the sun comes upright, should be kept in the shade or a hat that can serve as a canopy.

Wash clothing before first use

In the selection of clothing, clothes made of cotton, natural fibers should be preferred. Also, new clothing should be washed before first use. There may be dust or fungus on these clothes. Another important point is that the clothes are suitable for the baby's body. Especially on hot days, the baby should not be dressed in very narrow clothes.

Use shampoo once a week

It is a good method to wash frequently to remove sweat, especially in children who sweat a lot. But you need to pay attention to the shampoo and shower gel used. Because the substances in them can take the fat in the body. Children should be washed every day, but products such as shower gel and shampoo should be used once a week. Remember, just washing with water prevents the baby's skin from drying out.

Protect from rash and heat

When children are dressed in very thick clothes in an extremely hot environment, rash and rash is seen. Urinary tract infections can also cause rash. On the other hand, families usually dress the child's butt quickly so that they do not get cold after washing or wiping them with a wet wipe. However, the region should be thoroughly dried after cleaning. Keeping away from the warm environment and drying the diaper very well keeps the baby away from the baby. When diaper rash occurs, rash creams containing zinc can be used. However, if it does not pass, it is necessary to consult a doctor.


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