Kindergarten boy and toys

Kindergarten boy and toys

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One of the most important parts of growth is playing games. With the help of play, children find the opportunity to get to know themselves, the people around them, and the world.

Toys affect the child's mental and emotional development to a great extent, because children have the chance to develop both their games and their thinking worlds through toys. We can not get !!!

What to consider when choosing toys:

Security:The most important feature you should consider when choosing toys is safety.
Durability:When the toys are durable, you will have the chance to use them for a long time and you will not risk your child's safety as they will not break easily.
Structure:Make sure that the toys work very well. For example, make sure that the puzzle pieces can be interlocked, and make sure that the pieces are not missing in games like dominoes or bingo.
Flexibility:Flexibility plays a very important role in changeable and permeable toys.
Price:Perhaps the most important criterion for parents is the price of the toy. However, many toys that have been carefully designed for the development of the child and have quite good functions have high prices. you won't have to worry too much about the price.
Values:Toys are objects that convey messages to children, so the wrong choice of toys can also cause you to pass on the values ​​you don't want to convey to your child.

Recommended Toys:

Toys are the most important part of a game. If they are carefully chosen, they make the game more useful and more creative. However, some toys can have negative effects on the development of children.

• Technology-oriented toys: These toys take the child's play under their control and limit the game. For example, we can give toys that speak and walk.
• The dolls with physical appearance are very attractive: These toys focus on the importance of physical appearance and can cause children to have negative thoughts about their physical appearance.
• Violent toys: These are usually warriors, soldiers or heroes of science fiction. Such toys encourage children to fight and create a racing environment.
• Toys inspired by TV programs, movies and computer games: These toys are not based on the development of a kindergarten child, so they can adversely affect the child's emotional / social development.
• Toys supplied with candy or gums: These toys do not have many features necessary for the development of children and they cause unhealthy and irregular nutrition of children (we can include the toys given in fast food shops in this group)

How can parents help their children play games?

• Take care to play with your children, you can encourage them to play with different toys during this game, you can make the game they play more effective (you can expand his creativity and thinking ability by asking a variety of questions) or you can give your child the message that you love and want to care for him. activities that affect the direction.
• Design the playground as a place for the child and give him / her the opportunity to move freely. You can put blocks and small cars in the shoe boxes and put them on the shelves at the eye level in the child's room.
• Make sure that the toys you choose support your child's creativity and are suitable for their age (development). ) their creativity.

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