New fathers' postpartum period

New fathers' postpartum period

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It is a fact accepted by the medicine that a temporary depression occurs in women after birth. However, this applies not only to mothers, but also to fathers. With the baby saying hello to the world, the man who is a father is also facing many problems. So much so that sometimes this problem is so great that even marriages end. In fact, this has been happening for many years. Especially in young couples is a common situation. This situation, which can be described as the sexual separation of the man from his wife, worries the women. Doesn't he love me like he used to? Is there someone new in your life? Did I lose my sexual appeal? women seeking answers to questions such as family therapists to find solutions to the problem.
In fact, the main factor that created this situation again women. You ask why? Because women embrace the identity of the mother so much and they charge the child so much responsibility that they do not bring the man into this dual world. At this point, the father feels unnecessary and escapes by developing a defense mechanism. Already thanks to the institution called marriage men find themselves in a completely different status. They have to accept a whole new role as a child. Since the mother carries the child in the womb for 9 months, it is easier to adapt to this second status change. The father cannot go beyond being a follower. For this reason, it is necessary to get the father into as much work as possible from pregnancy. Besides, she shouldn't see herself as a mother. Otherwise, the man sees him only as the mother of his children. In every society there is a kind of sanctity and immunity of motherhood. Because of this phenomenon, man begins to see his wife like this. He can subconsciously identify his wife with his own mother. Then he can't look at her again as a wife.
Who has more?
This situation is more common in men who are young fathers. A compassionate, self-centered, self-centered person can have problems because he cannot find the interest he used to see after his wife. He even comes to the point that he is unaware that his wife is jealous of his child. Especially in young and inexperienced families, child care creates stress. After getting tired, people naturally spend less time with them. Thus, their interest in each other decreases. If that mother is working, she cannot come across her husband in the middle of the night as a feminine because she cannot find that power in herself.
Ways to get rid of this situation
First of all, you need to make sure you really want children. Be a father when you feel really ready. Get used to this role from the moment you and your partner decide to become a family. Prepare for fatherhood starting from your partner's pregnancy. Try to establish a warm relationship with your baby from the first year. Share your mother's responsibilities with your partner. Our last word to women. As in many jobs, the most important role in rescuing your wives from this situation is yours. Don't bring your motherhood identity to the forefront. Try to fulfill your motherhood, work womanhood and parity duties equally.

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